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UserLock Documentation

What’s New in UserLock 12

What's new in UserLock 12 (Beta)

New: MFA Push Notifications & the UserLock Push App

UserLock Push notifications are a subscription-only feature.

You can now choose to enable push notifications as the main or as an additional MFA method, giving you more flexibility to select the MFA method that works best for your team.

The all-new UserLock Push app provides safe, secure push authentication synced directly with UserLock.

UserLock Push App

Learn more about onboarding end users with push notifications

Learn more about setting up the UserLock Push app

Improved: New features added to the UserLock Web App

UserLock Web App

The new features in the UserLock Web App include:

  • Reporting: Access even more reports now added to the Web app from the UserLock Desktop app, get powerful filtering capabilities, and easily export reports in .csv, .pdf and .xsl format. Learn more.
  • Server properties: A new user dashboard that shows which MFA methods are configured for each user. Learn more.

Powerful filtering capabilities

To use the Web App in parallel to your use of the full-feature desktop software, download UserLock 12 beta.

New: UserLock MSP Console

A web-based licensing management platform, the UserLock MSP console offers customized licensing and pricing options that align with an MSP business model.

UserLock MSP console

Learn more about the UserLock MSP Console.

New: UserLock VPN Connect

The UserLock VPN Connector allows users to select their VPN, enter their credentials and complete MFA on Windows VPN connections without leaving the easy-to-use interface. You can access this tool when you download UserLock 12 beta, or you can download it separately here.

UserLock VPN Connect UserLock VPN Connect

Learn more about UserLock VPN Connect.

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