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Deployer options

Options allowing you to customize the deployment engine behavior are available in 'Properties' of the 'Agent distribution' view. You can display these 'Properties' from the 'Quick access' panel or the 'Agent distribution' context menu (right-click).

Reboot options

The 'Reboot' options for a machine on which a 'Desktop agent' is installed are:

  • Automatic reboot after agent installation: Disabled by default.
    When checked, a machine having an operating system requiring a reboot to enable the protection (Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2003 R2) will be immediately restarted once the 'Desktop agent' has been installed.
  • Close applications with unsaved content: Disabled by default.
    When checked, the restart initiated by UserLock will be forced without allowing users to save their current open files.
  • Reboot time-out (in seconds): The default value is 60 seconds.
    When this value is greater than 0, UserLock will display a warning message to users before launching a restart/shutdown system action during the number of seconds defined, allowing them to save all open documents ('INSTALL_WILL_REBOOT' or 'UNINSTALL_WILL_REBOOT' messages).

Automatic deployer options

You can also configure the 'Automatic deployer' options:

  • Exclude servers from deployment scope: Enabled by default.
    The 'Automatic deployment' mode, when enabled, will only install the 'Desktop agent' on machines having a workstation operating system. Installing the 'Desktop agent' on a machine having a server operating system will require this to be done manually. If you want to include servers in the deployment scope, you will have to enable this option by unchecking this box.
  • Check previously installed agents: Enabled by default.
    The agent status is regularly checked by a sequential process. Disabling this option will stop UserLock from checking the agent status if the first verification has already confirmed the successful installation of the agent.
  • Distribution: This option is set to 'Deploy the agent' by default.
    It specifies which action the deployment engine has to perform: deploy or remove the agent. 'Deploy the agent' will install the 'Desktop agent' on machines when it is missing or when the version already installed is lower than the version currently available.

Remote registry service

One of the requirements for deploying agents from the UserLock console concerns the Remote registry service that has to be enabled and started on target machines. UserLock can enable and start this service automatically if it finds it is disabled when trying to deploy the 'Desktop agent' on a machine.

This option is disabled by default. You can enable it from this section or through the button 'Fix it for me' displayed in the 'Result windows' of the 'Agent Distribution' view.