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UserLock Frequently Asked Questions

The UserLock server generates many logon events on my computers. How can I avoid this?

UserLock regularly checks the agent status and tries to retrieve lost logon events on all workstations of the protected network zone.
That's why logon events are generated.

You can slow down the checking process speed through the UserLock advanced settings:

  1. Log on to the UserLock server.
  2. 2) Open the UserLock console.
  3. 3) From the UserLock console, press the F7 keyboard key to display the advanced UserLock settings in a dialog box.
    You will be able to view and modify the advanced UserLock settings through this window.
  4. 4) Modify the value of the "WaitBetweenCheck" advanced setting. This value is the number of milliseconds between each check. If you change it to 5000 (=5 seconds), for example, this will reduce the number of logon events by a factor of 10.
  5. 5) Validate with OK.

This value corresponds to the time interval in ms. Default value is 500 (an half second between each computer).

If you set for example 5000 (each 5 s) you will get 10 times less logon events.