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The localization mask or file allows UserLock to easily locate each computer (building, room).

  • Mask
    This option is ideal for academic or large size networks which most often apply a naming convention for their systems. New mask format (version 4.02 and higher, allows you to identify building/room with letters):
    e.g.: WKSTA-*-%%-??     * = Building, % = Room, ? = machine number
    Computer WKSTA-D-06-20 is in room 6 of building D.
  • Old mask format (kept for compatibility):
    e.g.: XXXXXBBXRRXXX     B = Building, R = Room, X = variable
    Computer WKSTA-12-06-15 is in room 6 of building 12.

    When the mask is specified, you will see the building and room ID for all relevant computers in the 'Agent distribution' view or in the 'User sessions' view (with view by machine enabled).
  • File
    If you don't use any naming convention for your machines, this option allows you to import a 'CSV file' containing the localization of your machines. The file structure needs to have:
    - one machine localization by line.
    - three fields comprising the line separated by the special character defined for your operating system (usually a comma “,”), in the 'Regional settings/Additional settings'.
    - the syntax by line is MachineName,Building,Room.



Click on the 'Add' button to browse and choose the 'CSV file' built as specified above. UserLock will copy your file into its installation folder. The original file won't be modified or moved.

To reset the localization file, click on the 'Delete' button. This action will delete the file copy which UserLock uses. The original file won't be impacted.

Please note:

  • All modification of the localization file (add, replace or delete) may take up to five minutes to be effective. You can restart the UserLock service if you want to apply the localization file immediately.
  • The localization mask feature is disabled when a localization file has been added. To enable the mask feature again, just delete the file using the 'Delete' button.
  • The localization file can only be added from the UserLock local console of the UserLock server. This option cannot be modified from a remote UserLock console (Windows as Web console).