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Remote logoff or lock errors

The following are the most common error messages when trying to logoff or lock a session from the UserLock administration console:

  • The specified session cannot be found! The user session does not exist. This can occur after a network issue or on a Backup server if all logoffs are not yet synchronized. These sessions - considered as 'ghost' sessions - will be removed automatically after a while.
  • Unable to contact the computer. This can occur if a user does not  properly shutdown their computer. The session remains in UserLock. You just need to start the workstation and then this session - considered as a 'ghost' session - will be automatically removed.
  • Failed to logoff the session, Status: Failed to prepare. The UserLock server is unable to prepare the workstation for the first administrative logoff. Check that the registry and the administrative share ADMIN$ are remotely accessible from the server. This should not happen if you have already successfully deployed the agent on this workstation.