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Computer commands

UserLock offers the possibility of using console to launch personalized commands targeting any computers.

In the console, you can define commands that will be added to the UserLock context menu and the 'Quick access' panel of the 'User sessions' and 'Agent distribution' views.

This will allow you to run specific jobs/scripts from the UserLock console.

By default, only the 'Remote Desktop' command is already enabled. Use it to open a 'emote desktop connection to the selected computer(s).

To add a computer command

  • Click on 'Add'. A menu will allow you to create a new command or import a predefined command.


  • Click on 'New...'.

  • A form will pop up. Define the settings for your new command.
    You can specify in the 'Arguments' field the dynamic variable '{ComputerName}'. Using this variable, the computer targeted will be the one(s) you have selected in the UserLock console.


To launch a computer command

You can launch a 'Computer command' from the context menu or the 'Quick access' panel in 'User sessions' or 'Agent distribution' views. Just select the desired target computer, right-click and choose the action from the context menu or directly from the 'Quick access' panel.