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E-mail settings for event notifications

This section allows you to specify the SMTP server used to send the session event notifications you can enable on each 'protected account'.

To send these notifications, UserLock uses the SMTP protocol that should be set here by specifying the following information:

  1. Server: The IP address or the host name of the server sending these notifications.
  2. Port: The TCP port used to send E-mail (usually 25).
  3. From: The E-mail address used to send these notifications. This E-mail address needs to be a valid one.
  4. Authentication: The authentication method the UserLock server has to use to connect to the SMTP server.
  5. User name: This information is required when selecting the mode 'Provide credentials'.
  6. Password: The password associated with the specified user name when selecting the mode 'Provide credentials'.
  7. Use SSL encryption: Enables the SSL security protocol.

You can test your SMTP settings whenever you want by entering an E-mail recipient and clicking on the 'Test' button. A message will display the test result.