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E-mail settings for notifications

This section allows you to specify the SMTP server used to send notifications for:

  • Session events in the protected accounts properties
  • User Status changes in server properties
  • Changes in settings in the "Security" section of the server properties

To send these notifications, UserLock uses the SMTP protocol that should be set here by specifying the following information:

  1. Server: The IP address or the host name of the server sending these notifications.
  2. Port: The TCP port used to send E-mail (usually 25).
  3. From: The E-mail address used to send these notifications. This E-mail address needs to be a valid one.
  4. Authentication: The authentication method the UserLock server has to use to connect to the SMTP server.
  5. User name: This information is required when selecting the mode 'Provide credentials'.
  6. Password: The password associated with the specified user name when selecting the mode 'Provide credentials'.
  7. Use SSL encryption: Enables the SSL security protocol.

You can test your SMTP settings whenever you want by entering an E-mail recipient and clicking on the 'Test' button. A message will display the test result.

NOTE: If the SSOService is installed but the service is not started you will be notified by pop up or e-mail notification.