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Deploying automatically

The 'Agent distribution' view provides an installation engine for all UserLock agent types. The deployment process of the 'Desktop agent' (designed to audit, control and protect interactive sessions on workstations and servers) can be automated.

If you want to automatically deploy the 'Desktop agent' on all workstations of the UserLock protected zone, you just need to start this automatic deployment mode from the 'Quick access' panel or the 'Agent distribution' context menu (right-click on the menu title). If a new machine is added to your protected zone, then it will be automatically included in the 'Agent distribution' view and targeted for the agent installation when the 'Automatic mode' is enabled.

To learn more about the 'Automatic mode' operation, see our section in the starter guide entitled 'Deploy agents automatically'.

The 'Automatic mode' deployment is integrated into the process for checking all machines agent status which is displayed in the 'Agent distribution' view.

As this process is performed sequentially so as not to consume resources and bandwidth, the time required to deploy the 'Desktop agent' on all machines around the network will depend on the number of listed machines and their availabilities (reachable or unreachable).

Options allowing you to customize this 'Automatic mode' deployment are available from the 'Agent distribution Properties' also reachable from the 'Quick access' panel or the 'Agent distribution' context menu.

Please note:

  • The remote installation of an agent requires a privilege elevation of the UserLock service account. To perform these actions the UserLock service will impersonate using the credentials defined in the 'Service Impersonation' section of the 'Server Properties'.
  • The ICMP (ping) and the 'Microsoft File and Printer Sharing' (SMB TCP 445) need to be authorized on the server firewall as well as on all machines' firewall. The Remote Registry service must be enabled on all machines.
  • By default the 'Desktop agent' is not deployed on server operating systems and no restart will be initiated on operating systems requiring it to enable the protection (Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2003 R2).
  • The 'Automatic mode' deployment doesn't install the 'NPS agent' or 'IIS agent'. These agents can only be deployed manually from the console.