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Administration from a remote computer

The console can be installed on a workstation to manage UserLock servers remotely.

You just need to:

  1. Start the UserLock installation and select a 'Console only' in the 'Setup type' step.

  2. Open the UserLock console and click 'Add server' from the 'Quick access' panel or the 'Servers' context menu.

  3. Type the name of the server you want to administer and click 'OK'.

By default, only members of the 'Domain Administrators' group can manage a UserLock server remotely. You can define additional operators allowed to administer UserLock and their access permissions in the 'Security' section of the UserLock server 'Properties'.

UserLock also integrates a Web console to facilitate its remote administration. This Web console is accessible from every device type (mobile, tablet and workstation) through a web browser with an account registered in the 'Security' section of the UserLock server 'Properties'.

Once installed, the default URL is: http://Server_Name/userlock