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UserLock Backup server

The UserLock Backup server regularly synchronizes its configuration and its sessions database with the Primary server. If the Primary server has an issue, then the Backup server will automatically maintain the sessions activity monitoring and control of the network protected zone.

There are two synchronization methods between the Primary and the Backup server:

  • The events synchronization to synchronize all UserLock server settings and update the sessions database using events audited by the Primary server.
  • The sessions synchronization to reproduce the same sessions list as displayed on the Primary server.

Those two methods are used when installing and first implementing the Backup server. Then only the events synchronization is scheduled at regular time intervals. However it's possible to launch either method on demand from the 'Quick access' panel or the context menu of the Backup server. These methods can also be launched from the 'Synchronization' section of the Backup server 'Properties'.

All settings from the Primary server - except the two sections 'E-mail settings for notifications' and 'Database' - are synchronized with the Backup server.

When administering the Backup server from the UserLock console, all these parameters will only be available in read-only mode. They are only editable from the Primary server.

Installing a UserLock Backup server role follows the same process as the Primary server installation. Just select this role when defining the server role during the second step of the 'UserLock Configuration wizard'. The Primary server name is required here to define which server is associated with this Backup server.

Please Note:

  • Requirements for the Backup server are the same as the Primary server.
  • The impersonation account defined for the Backup server service  during the 'UserLock configuration wizard' requires administrative privileges on the Primary server in order to synchronize all settings and sessions with it.
  • By default, writing to the database is disabled on the backup server. Writing to the UserLock primary server database is sufficient. However, if you wish to configure another database on the backup server, the database configured on the Backup server needs to be different to the one used by the Primary server. It's possible to use the same Database system server, but the two databases must be distinct.

If any issue occurs during the synchronization, then a specific event with all available details will be logged into the 'Windows Application event log' (source UserLock).


How the Backup UserLock Server Works

Primary up and Backup up:

Primary up and Backup up

Primary down and Backup up:

Primary down and Backup up