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Get-UserLockOrphanedInteractiveSession Cmdlet


Gets the interactive sessions registered in UserLock server.


Get-UserLockOrphanedInteractiveSession [-Name] <string[]> [-UserLockServerName <string>][<CommonParameters>]


The Get-UserLockOrphanedInteractiveSession cmdlet gets only sessions on unavailable computers registered in UserLock server, and searches them by user name (name of the account that opened the session). Also you can get all kinds of interactive sessions (Workstation, Terminal or both). If the cmdlet is used without parameters all orphaned Interactive (Workstation and Terminal) sessions will be returned. Caution: PowerShell 3.0 is required.


-Name <string[]>

Specifies the name of a user account. You can type multiple names (separated by commas). Wildcard characters are permited.

Required true
Position named
Accepts pipeline input true (ByValue, ByPropertyName)
Accepts wildcard characters true

-UserLockServerName <string>

Specifies the name of the UserLock server. The default is the localhost name.

Required false
Position named
Accepts pipeline input false
Accepts wildcard characters false
Default Value '.'


For more information about common parameters, type "Get-Help about_commonparameters".

Input Type


Return Type

ISDecisions.UserLockLibrary.UserSession or None


You can also refer to Get-UserLockOrphanedInteractiveSession by its alias, "gulois". For more information, see about_Aliases. To use Get-UserLockOrphanedInteractiveSession, you must have the Read "User sessions" UserLock administrative access right.


Example 1

Get-UserLockOrphanedInteractiveSession -UserLockServerName MyUlSrv

Gets the orphaned interactive sessions registerered in the 'MyUlSrv' UserLock server.

Example 2

Get-UserLockOrphanedInteractiveSession Alice -UserLockServerName MyUlSrv

Gets the orphaned Interactive sessions, opened by the user Alice, registered in the 'MyUlSrv' UserLock server.

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