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This section is only displayed on a UserLock configured with the 'Backup server' role. The UserLock Backup server regularly synchronizes its configuration and its sessions database with the Primary server.

There are two synchronization methods between the Primary and the Backup server:

  • The events synchronization to synchronize all UserLock server settings and update the sessions database using events audited by the Primary server.
  • The sessions synchronization to reproduce the same sessions list as displayed on the Primary server.

Those two methods are used when installing and first implementing the Backup server. Then only the events synchronization is scheduled at regular time intervals. However it's possible to launch either method on demand from this section.

All settings from the Primary server - except the two sections 'E-mail settings for event notifications' and 'Database' - are synchronized with the Backup server.

You can customize the interval of time between two synchronizations here:

  • Primary server: The name of the Primary server associated with this Backup server.
  • Settings: Allows you to customize the period of time between two event synchronizations.
  • Status: The time of the last successful synchronization.
  • Maintenance: Allows you to manually enforce the synchronization or test the communication between the two servers.

UserLock logs any communication issue occurring during the synchronization process in the 'Windows Application event log' (event source 'UserLock').