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MFA Dashboard

This Dashboard allows you to visualize the use of MFA in your network. This includes information on successful and failed logon attempts with MFA, users’ help requests and actions to reset MFA keys.

MFA Dashboard

Helpdesk actions related to UserLock MFA

Reset MFA key

For example when a user replaces their phone.

Temporarily disable MFA

For example when a user forgets their phone.

React to “Ask for help” requests

Help the user:

  • Temporarily disable MFA
  • Reset MFA key
  • Configure MFA
  • Choose an authentication application
  • Mark MFA help request as resolved

MFA options available from the Quick Access panel:

  • From the “User sessions” view:

    User sessions

  • From the “Protected accounts” view (for users only):

    Protected accounts

Check MFA Effective restrictions for a user account

Protected accounts