UserLock Documentation
UserLock Documentation

Configure Slite in UserLock console

In the UserLock console, Navigate to Single Sign-On → Configuration.

  1. Select Add configuration, then select Slite as the provider to be configured.
  2. Client Id: Slite's unique identifier. You can choose any value. Example: slite_35132645321or
    Client Secret: Choose a secret that will be shared between Slite and UserLock SSO. You can choose to use the proposed secure secret or a different one.
    Keep these two values on hand, as you will need them to configure Slite.


Configure Slite for UserLock SSO

Open your browser and navigate to the following url: https://<your_slite_domain>

(Replace <your_slite_domain> with the subdomain provided by Slite.)

In Provider Name, enter UserLock SSO (or something explicit). This name will appear in the login screen the end users will have access to.

Set up

In Provider URL, enter the UserLock SSO server url (Idp Issuer Url). Ex:

Sign into

In Client Id, enter the Client Id defined in UserLock SSO console.
In Client Secret, enter the Client Secret defined in UserLock SSO console.

Click Validate and save.


If the validation fails on Slite side, an error is displayed in the url of the browser in the sso_setup_failure field:

  • SequelizeUniqueConstraintError: the user trying to setup the SSO in Slite is not the user identified by the SSO validation process, and the user identified by the SSO validation process already exists in Slite (either in Members or Invitations). Remove this user from Members or Invitations and try again. Alternatively, you can use the same user from both sides.