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What happens if the UserLock Primary server is down?

In addition to the Primary server, you can install a UserLock Backup server on your network.

The Primary and Backup server are automatically syncronized every minute by default. (The time interval can be modified in the UserLock console on the backup server).

The Backup server can be installed on another member server of your Protected zone.
Any restrictions defined in Protected Accounts will still be applied to users' accounts.
If the agent cannot contact the Primary server, it will contact the Backup server. The agent will switch back to contacting the Primary Server once the connection is restored.

If both the Primary server and the Backup server are down or unreachable, the agent will by default allow users to open sessions (click here to see how to ask for MFA or deny connections instead). All session events will be logged locally. Once the communication is restored between agents and the UserLock server (Primary or Backup). all events will be recorded in the Primary server database.

The rules can also be enforced when the UserLock system is reestablished after a failure.

When the network is reestablished after a network failure, you can ensure that Protected Account restrictions are enforced through the setting "Logoff disallowed sessions" and "Session Logoff order" in the Server.

Logoff Exceeding Sessions