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What happens if the UserLock Primary server is down?

Additionally to the Primary server, you can install a UserLock Backup server on your network.

The Backup server can be installed on another member server of your Protected zone. This Backup server will have to use its own database, different than the Primary server database. The Primary and the Backup server works "similarly to a cluster does": there is an automatic synchronization between them (By default, every two minutes, but this can be personalized).
If the agent can’t contact the Primary server, it will contact automatically the Backup server. The rules will continue to be applied. Once the communication is re-enabling, it will switch back automatically to the Primary server.

If both the Primary server and the Backup server are down or not contactable, the agent will allow users to open sessions. The production won’t be blocked. Every session events will be logged locally. When the agents will be able to communicate back to the server (Primary or Backup), all events will be send to the server. This will allow to check what users have done during this period.

The rules can also be enforced when the UserLock system is reestablished after a failure.

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