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How to remove a machine from the « Agent Distribution» view in UserLock?

UserLock displays in the «Agent Distribution» view all the machines belonging to the protected zone defined during the UserLock installation. The «Protected zone» is the network perimeter (Domain, OUs) defined when performing the 'Configuration wizard'. You can check the zone defined in the head items of the 'Server Properties' view.

The list of machines detected in the ‘Protected Zone’ is updated every 5 minutes. So, you have two options to remove the machine from the Agent Distribution view:

  • You can remove the machine from your AD, because it is obsolete.
  • You can exclude the machine from the protected zone, for example by moving the machine to another « OU (Organizational unit) » not included in the protected zone.

In both cases, the machine will be removed from the Agent Distribution view after 7 days without UserLock Agent Desktop activity. This point is important, because a machine outside the UserLock protected zone without uninstalling the Desktop Agent and this agent continues to contact the UserLock service (startup, session events) within the last 7 days, this computer will remain in the « Agent distribution view.

We recommend generally to uninstall the agents from the concerned machines and then to redefine the protected area with our "Config Wizard" tool that you can find under: C:\Program Files (x86)\ISDecisions\UserLock by default.

Config Wizard