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IIS agent configuration

Once the agent has been deployed, you need to configure the Web application 'Modules' settings on the target server in 'IIS Manager':

  • Select the IIS server in the menu tree and open the 'Modules' section.

  • Click on 'Configure Native Modules...' in the 'Actions' panel on the right.

  • The 'Configure Native Modules' wizard will open. Click on 'Register'.

  • Specify the path to the UserLock HTTP Module 'IIS agent'. By default the HTTP Module 'IIS agent' is deployed into the 'system32' (64-bit) or 'syswow64' (32-bit) folder of the IIS server, except if you have manually installed it through the file copy procedure. Click on 'OK'.

  • Clicking on 'OK' automatically adds and selects the module in the native module list of the IIS server. If you leave it selected and validate it by clicking on 'OK', the UserLock HTTP Module agent will be enabled for all IIS Web applications on this IIS server. We do not recommend this. This technology allows you to directly to target the Web application you want to supervise and control with UserLock.
    Uncheck the UserLock 'IIS agent' line and click on 'OK'.

  • Select the target Web application to protect in the left pane of 'IIS Manager' and as previously, open the 'Modules' section.

  • Click on 'Configure Native Modules...' in the 'Actions' panel to the right. The 'Configure Native Module' wizard will open.
    As we have previously added the UserLock 'IIS agent', it's now listed. Check its corresponding box and click on 'OK' to enable it for just this Web application.