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How do I resolve the “Conflicted Installation Detected” in UserLock?

The "Conflicting Installation Detected" message shown below

Conflicting installation detected

means that in the Network Zone that was selected in the “Select UserLock Server Area” of the UserLock configuration wizard of your UserLock server, some computers have the name of another UserLock server(s) in their registry (UserLock server(s) listed in the message).

To prevent it from appearing again:

  • Ensure that you did not install a different UserLock server by mistake.
  • Ensure that if you installed several UserLock servers, there is no common network zones between installations.

Note that you may also receive this popup if you have migrated your UserLock server from one server to another. In this case, and if you followed the official procedure for the migration (see the FAQ How can I migrate UserLock server to another machine?), you do not have to worry about this message (see below).

This message will not appear again once a conflict is no longer detected for all computers of the protected zone.