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Concurrent session history

As soon as UserLock is installed and the agent is deployed on all the machines you wish to protect, all user session events are audited and saved in the UserLock database.

The concurrent session history report shows all domain users with simultaneous sessions opened within a given day.

Concurrent session report

The report is divided in two distinct parts:

  • A grid showing the list of all users having concurrent sessions during the selected day.
  • A chart showing every session for the user selected in the grid above.

Grid details

For every user, the grid tells you the highest number of concurrent sessions, the machines used and the session types. This allows you to define precisely the session limits or the authorized machines for the accounts protected with UserLock.

You can also view the overlapping sessions of a user by clicking on the [+] button next to their name.

Chart details

The chart displays the sessions of the user, for every machine used. It allows you to see easily the concurrent session overlaps and the suspicious events.

Every session type is displayed in a different color, as described in the following legend:

Here are some details about the filtering possibilities for this report.

'Configuration' section

  • Date: Allows you to filter for one day only. For performance reasons, this is not possible to edit this report for several days.
  • Session types: Select the type(s) of sessions you wish to include in the report. IIS sessions are not available here.
  • User name: Allows you to filter by a specific user.
  • Domain name: Allows you to only display sessions from the selected domain.

'Group filter' section

For more information about the Group filters, please read the Common Report Filters page.

'Database' section

For more information about the Database filters, please read the Common Report Filters page.