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Deployment status

The 'Agent distribution' view displays information on agent status for all machines detected in the network 'Protected zone'. This 'Protected zone' is the network perimeter defined when performing the 'Configuration wizard'. You can check the zone defined in the 'General' section of the 'Server Properties'.

This view allows you to know for each detected machine what UserLock agent type can be deployed, its deployment status and all information required to manage agents on your network. UserLock regularly contacts and checks all network machines to update their status on this view whether an agent is installed or not. This process is performed sequentially so as not to consume resources and bandwidth. Every machine is checked, one after the other. The time required to update the agent status of all machines around the network will depend on the number of listed machines and their availabilities (reachable or unreachable).

When a machine supports several kinds of agent, such as some servers, for example, one line for each supported agent will be displayed. A server hosting IIS service will be displayed twice: once for the 'Desktop agent' to monitor interactive sessions on the server and a second time for the 'IIS agent' to monitor IIS sessions.

This role detection is performed by UserLock during its checking process addressing all machines within the perimeter it has to supervise.

Several filters options are available to personalize this view and adapt it to your current needs.

Please note:

  • The 'Agent distribution' view is not displayed in real time. A 'Refresh' button is available in the 'Quick access' panel or in the context menu.
  • Information displayed is that detected during the last agent status checking process. The column entitled 'Last success' in the 'Agent distribution' view allows you to know the date and time when the machine was last successfully checked.
  • The machines list is retrieved from Active Directory for the network perimeter defined as a UserLock 'Protected zone'. If there are old machines which no longer physically exist being displayed in the 'Agent distribution' view, then you just need to remove them from Active Directory and they will be automatically removed from UserLock shortly afterwards.