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Installation and configuration

Check requirements

A comprehensive description of UserLock requirements is available here.

Choose the server hosting UserLock

The installation can be done on a server member of the domain. There is no requirement to use a Domain Controller server. Any virtual or physical Windows Server from W2003 onwards can be the host.

Please note that no modifications will be made to your Active Directory or its schema.


Download the installation package 'UserLock-Setup.exe' here.

The package is the same for both the English and French languages and is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

  1. Execute the downloaded package on the host server to launch the installation process.

  2. Choose 'English' as the preferred language and click on 'OK'.

  3. Click on 'Next' on the 'Welcome' page.

  4. Read and accept the License Agreement and click on 'Next'.

  5. Leave 'Standard' selected for the installation type and click on 'Next'.

  6. Click on 'Install' to launch the process.

  7. Once UserLock has completed installing, click on 'Finish'.

  8. A pop-up message will ask whether you want to install the second console which UserLock provides. This is a Web console accessible through a browser enabling you to manage the application from anywhere on the network. This is optional, and can be launched later if preferred.

    If you click on 'Yes', then it will automatically check the requirements for installing this Web console and will open a new window to install it. Please see section named 'Web console installation' for more details.

  9. After installing the Web console, or if you click on 'No', the Configuration Wizard will open to set up the UserLock configuration. Click on 'Next'.

  10. As this is the first installation of the application, leave 'Primary server' selected and click on 'Next'.

  11. Select the network zone for which UserLock will monitor accesses. You can monitor the whole network or select specific organizational units of machines. Click on 'Next'.

  12. To perform agent installation, remote interactions with sessions and machines, UserLock needs to impersonate an account having administrative privilege on protected machines. No modifications will be made to your Active Directory or its schema.

    Specify an administrator account that can be used in these specific cases and click on 'Next'.

  13. The configuration of the UserLock server is complete. Click on 'Finish' to open the UserLock console.

Next step

The next step is to deploy the UserLock agent on the machines you want to protect access to on the network.