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Agent distribution

This report displays a printable version of the 'Agent distribution' view. You can select only machines from a specific localization if this option is enabled in the UserLock server 'Properties'.

'Configuration' section

Filter capabilities are the same as in the console. You can display:

  • Only DC-Domain Controllers.
  • Only computers without agents.
  • Only unavailable machines.

'Report layout' section

Options from this section will adapt the report layout to your needs:

  • Display raw data: Report will be displayed as a data grid without any pictures. This layout is adapted for exporting the report to a CSV file type.
  • Simplified design: Report will contain the lowest number of pictures possible. This layout is adapted for exporting the report to a 'Microsoft Excel' file type.

Print and export

From the result preview you can decide to print the report or export it to a different format type using actions available in the 'Quick access' panel or the context menu.