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Unblock-UserLockUserAccount Cmdlet


Unblock user accounts already blocked from opening new sessions.


Unblock-UserLockUserAccount [-UserName] <string[]> [-UserLockServerName <string>][<CommonParameters>]


The Unblock-UserLockUserAccount cmdlet unblocks one or more user account already blocked from opening new sessions by modifying the user protected accounts. Caution: PowerShell 3.0 is required.


-UserName <string[]>

Specifies one or more user account names. You can type multiple account names (separated by commas). Wildcard characters are managed only if the concerned user accounts did make at least one session event in UserLock (if they are displayed in the User sessions view).

Required true
Position 1
Accepts pipeline input true (ByValue, ByPropertyName)
Accepts wildcard characters false

-UserLockServerName <string>

Specifies the name of the UserLock server. The default is the localhost name.

Required false
Position named
Accepts pipeline input false
Accepts wildcard characters false
Default Value '.'


For more information about common parameters, type "Get-Help about_commonparameters".

Input Type


Return Type



You can also refer to Unblock-UserLockUserAccount by its alias, "uulua". For more information, see about_Aliases. To use Unblock-UserLockUserAccount, you must have the "Protected account" UserLock administrative access rights.


Unblock-UserLockUserAccount -UserName 'Alice', 'Bob' -UserLockServerName 'MyUlSrv'

Unblocks the 'Alice' and 'Bob' users already blocked from opening new sessions through the 'MyUlSrv' UserLock server.

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