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Agent distribution filter

The Agent distribution' view can be filtered to adapt the display and layout to suit large environments and your needs. There are four filter categories: 'Display the AD tree', the 'Predefined filters', the 'Auto filter' and the 'Quick filter'.

Display the AD tree

Allows you to view computer accounts contained in a specific organizational unit.

Display the AD tree

Predefined filter

These filters are available from the 'Quick access' panel or the 'Agent distribution' context menu:

  • 'Only DC' will display Domain Controllers detected in the 'Protected zone'.
  • 'Only computers without agents' will display all machines that are members of the 'Protected zone' but have no agents installed.
  • 'Only unavailable machines' will display all machines which the UserLock service cannot contact.

Auto filter

Click on 'Enable auto filter' in the 'Quick access' panel or in the 'Agent distribution' context menu. A filter row will be added below the column titles allowing you to enter a value to search for in the corresponding desired column. The rows are automatically filtered according to the first characters you enter, which will allow you to quickly find computers in this view.

Quick filter

You can click in the top right corner of a column header in order to display the list of all values in that column.