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Assign a logon time quota

Time quota rules can be defined to limit the connection time during a recurrent period for chosen session types.

This example will give you a step-by-step guide on how to define a time quota for a user group, authorizing every member up to 37 hours per week of workstation session usage.

  1. Click on 'Protected accounts' in the menu tree. Open the desired group protected account if it already exists by double-clicking on its corresponding line. Otherwise, you can create a protected account for the target group (procedure available here).

  2. Display the 'Time quotas' section.

  3. Switch the 'Time quotas restriction' to 'Enabled'.

  4. Click on 'Add' to define a new quota rule.

  5. A Time quota rule is defined through three settings: the time period monitored, the number of hours allowed and the session types concerned.

    Choose the time period monitored:

  6. Adjust the number of hours you want to allow for this time period.

  7. Select the type(s) of session(s) involved in this time quota rule.

  8. The time quota rule below will authorize 37 hours of workstation session use each week. Click on 'OK'.

  9. The new rule has been added to the grid. A notification will be sent to users when they reach the limit. This notification is a global parameter defined in the UserLock server properties. Click on the link below the grid to open the UserLock server properties.

  10. Define the number of minutes during which the notification will be displayed to users when a quota is reached in the 'Logoff notification timeout' field. The logoff will be initiated after the number of minutes set except if users choose to launch it. Note that this number of minutes is not deducted from the quota allowed.

    If desired, you can carry over any unused time count to the next quota period. Click on 'OK' to validate and come back to the previous tab.

  11. The time quota rule configuration has been finished. Click on 'OK' in the 'Quick access' panel to save the configuration. The rule will be applied in real time.

Consumed time

To check the time consumed by a user, display the 'User sessions' view. Click on the target user name and then on 'Display consumed time'.

A view will open in a new tab to display all consumed time values for this user. You will also find the effective time quotas defined for the user and the available time remaining.

To learn more about this view, please see the 'Consumed time' help section.

Welcome message

Time quota information is displayed in the 'Welcome' message. To display it at user logon, you need to enable the option from the 'General' section of the protected account.

You can customise the 'Logoff notification timeout' content from the 'Messages' view. The notification message references is 'TIME_QUOTAS_LOGOFF_PERIOD'.

To learn more about message customization, see the use case named 'Customize messages displayed to users'.

To learn more about these options, see the 'Protected account Time quotas' help section.