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UserLock Documentation

UserLock Frequently Asked Questions

What are the supported database types?

All user session activity captured by UserLock is saved in a database to benefit from reporting and analyzes features.

UserLock supports as database systems:

  • MS Access mdb file
  • MS SQL Express 2005 and newer - 32/64 bits
  • MS SQL Server 2005 and newer - 32/64 bits

Please take note that LocalDB editions are not supported.

To facilitate UserLock evaluation, the installation package integrates an "MS Access database" to archive all session activity. We do not recommend to implement UserLock with this database on the production environment. A "MS SQL Server" database system is required, at least an "Express version".

You can use the Logon cleaner feature to regularly delete old events from your database.

You will find detailed information on this page.