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How to run a UserLock server installed on Windows Server 2019 with Desktop UserLock agents installed on Windows XP workstations.

Microsoft has decided to disable the SMB1 protocol in Windows Server 2019 by default to force the use of newer SMB versions. However, Windows XP does not support these new versions, and only works with SMB1. This makes communication between these two operating systems impossible via File and Printer Sharing, which is a UserLock prerequisite for communication between service and agents.

Therefore, if UserLock is installed on Windows Server 2019 and Desktop UserLock agents are installed on Windows XP workstations, UserLock will not be able to protect these workstations.

For UserLock to work correctly in this scenario, you can enable the SMB1 protocol on Windows Server 2019 as follows:

  • Open Server Manager
  • Manage -> Add Roles and Features
  • Advance to the "Features" section
  • Check “SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support”:

  • Continue until "Install" can be selected, then click on it
  • Restart the server