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How to do a massive user sessions reset after a general power failure.

UserLock monitors in real time all user sessions on the network. It knows at any time all session status on protected computers to apply in real time the user access control policy you have defined. In some situations, it might be necessary to reset all sessions identified by UserLock as active (open or locked/disconnected).
For example when a general power failure has occurred on the network. Without back-up power protection, machines will improperly shut down without notifying the session logoff to the UserLock server which will still consider sessions as open.

Of course several security and checking processes exist to correct this situation, as simply powering on concerned machines, or let the iterative task designed for this purpose identify and reset sessions. However, if this power failure involves the entire network, and therefore hundreds or thousands of machines, including UserLock server and its backup, then it may be useful to reset all user sessions.

This task can be performed using the following UserLock PowerShell command:

Get-UserLockOrphanedInteractiveSession | Reset-UserLockSession -Force

This will reset all sessions that remain as active in your UserLock console.

UserLock PowerShell Requirements & Launching

More information on UserLock PowerShell available here.