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Amazon AWS Apps Portal

Amazon AWS proposes an extensive catalog of SaaS applications and by defining UserLock SSO as the IdP for AWS, it is possible to access all these applications by linking UserLock SSO and AWS SSO. This will allow you to protect the access to AWS with UserLock SSO and consequently, AWS SSO will be used to access any SaaS application configured in AWS.

In this example, we will show how to setup Dropbox with AWS SSO. Each application needs a specific configuration. We recommend to follow the documentation of AWS dedicated to the application you want to add.

First, AWS must already be protected with UserLock SSO as explained here.

AWS SSO Configuration

  1. In AWS SSO, select ApplicationsAdd a new application
  2. Enter Dropbox in the search field, select it and click the Add application button
  3. Download the AWS SSO Certificate
  4. In the Assigned Users tab, add the user account you will test with

Dropbox Configuration

  1. In another browser tab, open the Dropbox administration console and navigate to SettingsSingle Sign-on
  2. Use the AWS SSO sign-in URL in Identity provider sign-in URL field
  3. Use the AWS SSO sign-out URL in Identity provider sign-out URL field
  4. Upload the AWS SSO Certificate as X.509 certificate

Test the setup

  1. Launch the User portal URL (located in AWS SSO Settings)
  2. Select Dropbox