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How to enroll remote users with MFA

There are several possible ways depending on the situation:

1. UserLock Anywhere

If UserLock Anywhere is activated the desktop agent is able to contact the service through the Internet without the need to connect to a VPN connection.

Follow the steps in the link below to configure UserLock Anywhere:

2. UserLock IIS MFA*

If MFA for IIS is activated, the user will receive a prompt for MFA enrollment once he/she attempts to connect to their session via a web browser application.

Follow the steps in the link below to configure UserLock IIS MFA:

3. Terminal sessions from outside*

When the user connects to an RDP session via Remote Desktop Gateway this can prompt for MFA enrollment.

Please ensure the following procedure is already in place:

4. Unlock session to provoke MFA enrollment through VPN

Assuming that the Desktop agent is installed on a work laptop, MFA can be enrolled during a lock/unlock process during a VPN connection:

  • User takes work laptop offsite
  • VPN connection established to corporate network
  • User locks session/Asks UserLock Admin to activate MFA
  • User unlocks session which will provoke MFA enrollment

5. UserLock VPN Connect*

The user will receive an invitation to enroll in MFA when they attempt to connect to their VPN session via UserLock VPN Connect which will redirect them to a web browser application.

Learn more about UserLock VPN Connect.


* Yubikey and Token2 HOTP not compatible for this method