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Web App

The purpose of the UserLock web application is to allow you to monitor network session activity and react quickly to inappropriate access, from any computer, simply with a web browser, without having to install the desktop console.

This new application is also the beginning of a total redesign of the UserLock interface. Our goal is to integrate all the features as quickly as possible, and replace the desktop application with this new interface.

For now, this UserLock web application already allows you to:

  • Administrate machines and manage the different agents installed on them,
  • View users in the Active Directory and manage their existing MFA configurations,
  • Monitor ongoing sessions on the network and react quickly if necessary,
  • Manage MFA help requests ,
  • Easily generate reports of past activity with enhanced filtering capabilities,
  • Verify actions on machines or sessions performed by UserLock administrators,
  • Export reports.

In this first version, it is not yet possible to view or modify your protected accounts, nor schedule reports. These features will be coming soon, along with improvements that will allow you to secure access to your network more efficiently and easily.

If you are familiar with the previous UserLock web application, you'll notice that the interface has been significantly changed. We have renamed some elements, removed some, moved others, and added a lot of new features to improve your user experience.

We hope you enjoy this interface and look forward to hearing your feedback. Share your comments with us and tell us what you would like to see improved, or what new features you are looking for.