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Contact our technical support service

If you are not able to solve your problem despite the information available here, then do not hesitate to open a ticket with our technical support department.

For the most effective result, please use the following process:

  1. Open the UserLock console on the server where you are having an issue and hit the 'F12' key. This shortcut key will launch the UserLock internal diagnostic.
    A cmd window will open to show the process. Let it run until the end. It can take a while depending on your environment size and complexity.

  2. Once finished, the diagnostic tool will open an Explorer window, automatically listing different files. This folder is localized in 'C:\ProgramData\ISDecisions\UserLock\Logs'.

  3. In this folder (from version 11.1), you will find a zipped folder of all the logs necessary to send to support.
  4. You can now open a ticket with our technical support service through our web support form.

    You will need to identify yourself on our website using the account you created to download UserLock. If necessary you can create a new account.

    Open a support ticket

  5. Once identified, a quick form will allow us to gather information about your issue. Fill in all required fields with the maximum details.

    Please include the maximum amount of information in the description of your issue:

    • A full description of the issue or abnormal behavior you have noted, with any screenshot.
    • The scenario which has led you to this situation.
    • In the 'Screenshots' section, click on 'Upload' and browse to the Zip archive containing the log files.
  6. Validate the form to open a technical support ticket. Our team will then contact you promptly and will work with you to solve your issue.