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UserLock Frequently Asked Questions

How can I migrate UserLock server to another machine?

This procedure describes the migration of Userlock from one server to another. To upgrade your Userlock version, please refer to this page.

  1. Install UserLock on the new server.

    NB : You can only migrate the UserLock server to a server with an OS of the same version or newer.

  2. Start the configuration wizard but don’t click on Next in the Service account step and keep the wizard on standby:

    Service impersonation account

  3. Stop the UserLock service on the old server (and on the backup server if any).

  4. Disable the UserLock service on the old server.

  5. The next step consisting in moving the UserLock settings depends on the version installed on the old server:

    If the old sever hosts a version 8 or higher: Copy the "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\ISDecisions\UserLock" folder from the old server to the same place in the new server.

    If the old server hosts a previous version 5,6 or 7: Copy the files UserLock.cfg (and UserLock.mdb if using the default database) located in the folder “C:\program files[ (x86)]\ISDecisions\UserLock” from the old server to the same place in the new server.

    Delete all content from the "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\ISDecisions\UserLock\WebData" folder of the new server. For information: this is to prevent issues for user accounts that have already been administered by UserLock with the Web Console installed on the old server.

    In case of a backup server migration, you need to delete the old backup server name by running the following UlTerm (F6 from the UserLock console) command on the Primary UserLock server: backupserver del <old backup server name>

  6. Click Next in the UserLock configuration wizard on the new server. The new service is automatically started and is working.

  7. Uninstall UserLock from the old server or at least keep the service disabled to avoid conflicts between both servers.

    In case of a backup server a popup appears. Click No.

    UserLock Warning

  8. Run the UserLock Console on the new server.
    A pop-up window appears stating that there is a conflicting installation of the UserLock service on the old UserLock server:

    Conflicting installation detected

    Do not take this into account, this is due to migration.
    To prevent it from appearing again:

    • Ensure all computers inside the Network zone of your UserLock server are on.
    • Wait until all the computers listed in Agent Distribution are updated with the new UserLock server name (check the "Last check time" column of the "Agent distribution" view).
    • After that, the pop-up window should not be displayed anymore.
  9. Register your license serial through the console on the UserLock server properties.

  10. If the database used is not the default database, configure the "Database" section of UserLock server Properties (see this page).

UserLock Configuration wizard

If you have a Backup server configured, launch the ConfigWizard in the "Start menu" on the Backup server and type the name of the new primary server.

UserLock Configuration wizard