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MFA settings

Here are the details about the different UserLock MFA settings. These settings are common to all user accounts for which MFA is enabled.

MFA settings

Ask for help option

You can activate an "Ask for help" button for end users during the initial MFA configuration and when a user is prompted to enter the MFA validation code. This sends a notification, via e-mail or popup, to the UserLock administrators:

Disabled by default.

What will change for end users

If enabled, the “Ask for help” button will be displayed for end users in both dialogs:

  • MFA configuration:

    Ask for help

  • MFA code:

    Ask for help

If clicked, the customized message (customizable in UserLock Console) is displayed:

The customized message is displayed

What will change for UserLock MFA administrators

Once enabled, e-mail (and consequently, applications compatible with e-mail such as Slack) or / and popup must be configured.

E-mail example of Help Request:

E-mail example of Help Request

Popup example:

Popup example

Custom messages

The subject and the body of “Ask for help” requests:

Ask for help

QR code:

QR code

Logon denied:

  • During MFA setup:

    Logon denied during MFA setup

  • When entering MFA code:

    Logon denied when entering MFA code