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How to update the status of one specific computer in Agent distribution

​​​Here is the procedure to update the status of one specific computer in Agent Distribution. instead of waiting for the pooling of Agent distribution to check the status of that computer. Note that it is not recommended to apply this procedure to a large​ list of computers, because it will take as much, if not more time as the pooling of Agent Distribution.

Log on to the UserLock server with a user account which has both administrative rights on the UserLock server and UserLock administrative rights.

From the UserLock Console installed on the server, hit the “F6” key. It will launch the "UlTerm" tool (%ProgramFiles(x86)%\ISDecisions\UserLock\ULTerm.exe):

Run the following command:

  • Deployer Check WORKSTATIONNAME
    • Replace “WORKSTATIONNAME” with the name of the workstation as displayed in the UserLock Console. Only use uppercase characters.

The answer should be “OK: 1”. If so, this will refresh the status on the UserLock console for this computer.

Refresh the “Agent distribution" view and verify that the status has been updated for that workstation.​