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Agent distribution

The 'Agent distribution' view allows you to manage the UserLock agents deployment on all machines detected in the 'Protected zone'.

This 'Protected zone' is the network perimeter defined when performing the 'Configuration wizard'. You can check the zone defined in the 'General' section of the 'Server Properties'.

The 'Agent distribution' view is available only on the UserLock Primary server. The machines list is retrieved from Active Directory, and one line will be displayed for each supported agent:

This view enables you to:

  1. Display the agent status for all machines that are members of the 'Protected zone'.
  2. Deploy or remove agents manually on specified machines.
  3. Restart computers.
  4. Shutdown computers.
  5. Wake up computers
    Note that starting computers is done through the Wake-on-LAN technology. Therefore, ensure that this technology is compatible and enabled on all computers protected by UserLock before using it.
  6. Start or stop the 'Automatic deployer' function.
  7. Set 'Automatic deployer' options.
  8. Personalize the agent configuration.
  9. Launch 'Computer commands'.

Warning: By default, the UserLock service is defined to run as the 'Network Service' account to use the least privilege as possible during its current operations. Agent deployment as remote interactions with machines require a privilege elevation of the UserLock service account. To perform these actions, the UserLock service will impersonate using the credentials defined in the 'Service Impersonation' section of the 'Server Properties'.