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UserLock Documentation
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Evaluation version

The evaluation version of UserLock is valid for 30 days after it is installed.

Licensing mode

UserLock is licensed according to the maximum number of simultaneous user sessions it will have to monitor on your network.

The number of licenses required will correspond to the total of:

  • The number of workstations and servers (physical or virtual) to protect.

  • The number of terminal sessions to protect (if there are any).

  • The number of Wi-Fi / VPN sessions to protect (if there are any).

  • The number of IIS sessions to protect (if there are any).

Sessions that are open with local user accounts are not counted in the license.

If the license is exceeded, UserLock will not take into account any sessions over the license figure and will log a warning message in the UserLock Primary server.

Our Sales Department can assist you to evaluate the number of licenses required for your project.

How to buy

You can purchase UserLock from IS Decisions. Please contact our Sales Department to assist you regarding your project implementation, price estimation and ordering process.

Registering the license

To activate the UserLock product, you just need to display the UserLock server 'Properties' and enter the supplied key in the 'License' information section.

No Internet connection is required for the activation.