UserLock Documentation
UserLock Documentation

Beta Testing Procedure

Beta-Testing Program Purpose

Thank you for participating in the beta program for UserLock!

The purpose of this program is to validate UserLock’s newest features and improvements by real users who can provide the most pertinent feedback possible to help us release the most reliable and efficient final version.

Despite the best efforts of our technical team over the past months, this beta version may include some malfunctions or bugs, as is the case with every beta software version. You will find within this document information and advice on how to safely implement this beta version.

Technical Support

Opening hours

Our Technical Support Team is at your disposal to provide you with any required assistance during the UserLock beta-tests from Monday to Friday, from 09:00 AM to 12:30 AM and from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM (CET / UTC+1).

In order to help us to be as efficient and reactive as possible, and bring you the fastest and best answer to any question or issue you meet during your tests, we recommend that you schedule the installation/upgrade of the beta version during the hours when the technical support is available.

Request support assistance

IS Decisions technical support can be contacted by phone or by E-mail, but for the most effective result, we recommend you to use our Web Support form.

Whatever the case, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, doubts or if you want to have a technical discussion. If for any reason no resource is immediately available to give you an appropriate answer, we will get back in touch asap.

The UserLock Documentation and the FAQ can also help resolve your problem.

General recommendation

As previously mentioned in the Technical Support section above, we invite you to start testing UserLock beta version during the same working hours as the IS Decisions team. Our team will be available to assist you if necessary.

Notify another member of your team of the implementation of UserLock Beta on your network and provide them with this documentation.

We advise you to not install the UserLock Desktop agent on the UserLock Primary server in the beta version. If a Protected Account restriction is set incorrectly by a member of your team during tests or if there is any issue regarding the application, you will always be able to login on the server hosting the UserLock beta version to correct the situation.


New Installation

You can implement the UserLock beta version on a test environment (recommended), or on your production environment (not recommended), whether physical or virtual. Take note that the UserLock beta version can’t be installed or used on a network zone where another version of UserLock is already present.

The installation can be done on a server member of the domain. There is no requirement to use a Domain Controller server. Any server from Windows Server 2012 can be the host without being dedicated.

  1. Check that the server you have chosen as UserLock host is matching the requirements available here.
  2. Download the UserLock beta version here.
  3. Launch the installation of the new beta version of UserLock by executing the installation package.
  4. Follow the different steps detailed by the Installation Wizard. See details here.
  5. Once the Installation Wizard ends, click on Finish. The UserLock Configuration Wizard will open. Click Next. See details here.
  6. Select Primary Server as the role. Click “Next”.
  7. Select the Network Zone UserLock has to monitor. Click “Next”.
  8. Enter an account having administrative privileges on all computers UserLock has to protect. By default UserLock will run as NETWORK SERVICE. The impersonation account entered here will be used when UserLock actions required more rights (Agent deployment, remote actions on sessions, etc…). Click “Next” once this account is defined.
  9. The Wizard will configure all settings. Click on “Finish” to launch the UserLock Console.
  10. Deploy the Desktop Agent to all workstations you want to protect.

Beta expiration date and upgrade

The UserLock beta version can be used to upgrade your current installation of UserLock in production, but we don't recommend this. You should install on a test environment. If you are sure you want to upgrade your current installation to the beta version.

UserLock beta versions are time-limited and have an expiry date, regardless of the expiration date of your active subscription. Updating the UserLock service is therefore mandatory, however the agents can be done at a later date.

Once this date has passed, the UserLock service will no longer function:

  • After this date, if the UserLock service is restarted, the service will be cancelled.
  • After this date, if the UserLock service is running (if not restarted), the restrictions are no longer applied.

To upgrade your beta version to the most recent version (beta or public) click here for the upgrade procedure.

Click here to read the upgrade procedure.