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Server configuration

We use a TCP connection for the communication between the ‘Mac’ agent and server.

In order to work properly, the TCP port must be opened on server firewall.

By default, UserLock uses the port 50555 to listen to the Mac Agent. You can check this in the Command Prompt:

netstat -an | find “50555”

Change the port number

If you need to change the port number, you must do it with both primary and backup servers. This will require a restart of the UserLock service in order for the change to be applied.

  • From the Console

    Open the Advanced Settings for server (shortcut F7), and adjust the variable “MacListeningPort”.

  • From PowerShell

    The following snippet can help you:

    Set-USerLockServerConfiguration -UserLockServerName $ServerName -Property MacListeningPort -Value $newPortForMac -Force

Configure the firewall

You must also add a firewall rule (inbound only) with:

  • Protocol Type : TCP
  • Local port: specific port (the one you setup, or 50555 by default).