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FileAudit Documentation

FileAudit Frequently Asked Questions

I already use FileAudit 3. What happens if I install the new version 4 or 5 on the same system?

FileAudit 4 or 5 will be installed side by side with FileAudit 3. Every audit settings from the old version will be imported into the new version 4 or 5.

If the already installed version 3 uses a Microsoft Access database, then all events stored in FileAudit v3 database will be copied and upgraded automatically in FileAudit 4 or 5.

If the database used by FileAudit v3 is a Microsoft SQL Express/Server database, please refer to the specific FAQ article.

Then, the two versions will work separately. Every change about audit configuration or software settings you will perform after this installation will only impact the version from which you did it.