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Exclude hours tab

This tab allows to exclude certain hours from the alert monitoring. For example, if your goal is to be alerted when file accesses are performed outside the business hours, then you can exclude here accesses done during the hours considered as "normal".

Note that disabling the alert doesn't disable the file access audit. If an access meeting the conditions occurs, the alert won't be sent during excluded hours, but the access will be audited and logged in the FileAudit database.

  1. To activate this feature, turn on 'Disable alert during specified hours'. By default this switch is disabled, meaning that the alert will be triggered everytime the condition are matching.

  2. Then for every day you want to exclude a time range for this alert, switch the corresponding option to 'Exclude the following hours' and defined the time range.

    The check box available on the left of the day list allows to copy the modification.

  3. 'Saturday' and 'Sunday' switches are always managed separately.