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Display the File Access Events

The ‘File access viewer’ allows you to display, search, schedule and print reports on all access attempts generated for monitored files/folders configured on FileAudit. Open the ‘File access viewer’ using the central tile in the FileAudit Hub.

Enter a file/folder into the ‘Path(s)’ field to display the file access events generated for it. To validate this entry, press ‘Enter’ or click the refresh button. You can also select a path using the drop-down list which displays the path registered in the ‘Audit configuration view’.

As said previously, if FileAudit is not yet open, you can right-click on the monitored folder in Windows Explorer and select FileAudit directly from the context menu. This will open FileAudit ‘File access viewer’ for this folder.

You can also click on ‘Audit a folder’ or ‘Audit a file’ buttons in the bottom left hand of the screen.

The events are detected and stored into the database in real-time. If you also want the console to display events in realtime, enable the ‘Real time’ switch on the bottom right hand and click on ‘Refresh’.

The File Access Viewer data grid offers several grouping and filtering options. To group the view by a specific column, drag and drop the column name below the Path(s) field. To access the filter and perform a search action, click on the magnifying glass button. The filter form will pop up on the right-hand side of screen. Select your criteria and apply the filter.

You can use filters and search options directly from the event grid through the context menu displayed by right-clicking the column name line. This menu allows personalization of the data grid display (manage column display, sort, etc.) and is where the ‘Filter Editor’, ‘Find Panel’ and ‘Auto Filter Rows’ options can be enabled/disabled.

A quick search feature is available on every column’s name. When you roll over a column’s name with the mouse pointer, you can see a funnel icon on the top right hand corner of the column’s name row. Click on it to access the quick search options.

The Print button will allow you to display a printable version of the File access viewer that you can directly print or export in several file formats.

Please note

The grouping and filtering options from the event grid affect only the data displayed. To perform a search of the entire events database, use the filters from the magnifying glass button.

Meanwhile, as some users have deleted file/folder, the E-mail alert was also sent in real-time: