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FileAudit Documentation
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Connect remotely to a FileAudit service

The FileAudit Console allows you to connect to another system where the FileAudit Service is installed and configured.

  1. Open the FileAudit Console and click ‘Connect’ in the FileAudit hub, found in the top right-hand corner:

  2. The Connect panel will open on the right-hand side. Activate the ‘Use a remote FileAudit service’, enter the name of the system hosting the target FileAudit service and specify the required port (if previously personalized; otherwise default to ‘2000’). Click ‘Validate’. The name of the target system will then be displayed in the top left-hand corner in brackets:

  3. The FileAudit Console thus offers a remote audit management-and-display corresponding to the privileges defined for your account.

To enable this feature, allow the remote connections on the 'Service' settings.