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Improve remotely connection of the FileAudit console

On the FileAudit Server where the service is installed:

  1. Navigate to Settings\Service => Ensure that Allow Remote connections and Port 200 has been activated (as in screenshot below)
  2. Open the Windows Firewall and verify that an inbound rule for Port 2000 has been allowed (or that there is not a rule that denies Port 2000). You can create a rule as follows:
    • a. Right click Inbound Rules/New Rule
    • b. Select “Port”, ‘Next’
    • c. Select TCP…Enter Specific Local Ports (2000), then ‘Next’
    • d. Allow the connection, then ‘Next’
    • e. Select it for ‘Domain’, then ‘Next’
    • f. Name the rule (eg FileAudit), then ‘Finish’
    • g. The rule should now be present
  3. Open the FileAudit console on the remote machine. Select “use a remote FileAudit service” and enter the server name and port. You can now administer FileAudit from this console. Learn more on how to connect remotely to a FileAudit service here.