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FileAudit Documentation
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FileAudit Getting Started Guide

FileAudit monitors access or access attempts to sensitive files and folders on Microsoft Windows servers. FileAudit allows you to proactively track, audit, report and alert on all access to files and folders on your file servers. Agentless and non-intrusive, you can remotely audit your servers without installing anything on them.

The ‘FileAudit Getting Started Guide’ is designed to provide step by step installation instructions and configuration for the main features. The goal is to quickly get comfortable with the console and basic FileAudit concepts. Additional features are fully described into the software help file.

If you run into issues or questions during your evaluation, installation or migration, we invite you to contact our Technical Support Team.

  1. Requirements
  2. Install FileAudit
  3. Configure your first audit path
  4. Define an alert on an audited path
  5. Display the file access events
  6. Set an automatic report
  7. Set audit options and permissions
  8. 8 Best Practices for Configuring FileAudit
  9. Technology
  10. License