FileAudit Documentation
FileAudit Documentation

FileAudit Frequently Asked Questions

What does the cloud option include?

FileAudit’s capabilities can be added to OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Dropbox Business or Box (or a combination of these cloud storage providers).

  • Real-time and historical audit trail of who accessed critical files, what they did and when they did it.
  • Alerts on actions deemed abnormal to help quickly identify inappropriate file activity and potential abuse.
  • Comprehensive and centralized reporting to give precise answers to questions about malicious access, alteration or the destruction of sensitive files.
  • Robust filtering capabilities help quickly answer the questions.

If you are organization has a mixture of on-premises and cloud storage, FileAudit gives you a single, consolidated view of all file activity – from both in the cloud and on-premises

  • The Cloud Option is an add-on option to FileAudit.
  • There are no audited paths to configure. All files and folders are audited within the cloud storage provider.