FileAudit case studies

CD&B bolsters file security thanks to the visibility and reactivity of FileAudit


FileAudit offers offered a reliable way of monitoring who did what, whether it was accidental or deliberate, to help secure network files.

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How Wong Fong Engineering can monitor file access to prevent suspicious activity.


It’s easy to track the access and movement of sensitive files with the intuitive software FileAudit. Protect valuable data and prevent suspicious activity.

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US primary healthcare system CommuniCare, chooses FileAudit for HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance


To meet HIPAA compliance, CommuniCare Health Centre chooses FileAudit to monitor the access and movement of electronic health records on its network.

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Visibility and insight into all file activity on the company network


How FileAudit offers real-time visibility and insights into what exactly is happening with network files and folders.

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Meeting HIPAA compliance to track and recover lost files


A world-class US medical imaging practice chooses FileAudit to track and recover lost files for HIPAA compliance.

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Reduce the risk of security breaches that stem from unauthorized network and file access

DP World

West Africa’s busiest marine terminal chooses UserLock and FileAudit to protect its network and digital assets from unauthorized access.

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A Leading US Biotechnology Company monitors and secures file access


The Company needed a solution that would allow IT to monitor employee access of corporate files.

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A leading Automotive manufacturer protects sensitive files from deletion or falsification

Automotive manufacturer

File access had become a security issue with incidents of files being falsified and deleted.

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Why Monitoring Shared Folder Access is so vital for this Law Enforcement Division in Court

Law Enforcement Division

A division from a well-known government law enforcement agency needed to better track the usage of sensitive files presented in the prosecution of major criminals.

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