Cloud Data Security

In the era of the cloud, it is critical to achieve the same level of visibility into the access and usage of cloud data, that you can get with on-premise data. FileAudit makes it easy to monitor access to files stored on Microsoft OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Google Drive, Dropbox Business and Box.

OneDrive SharePoint Online Google Drive Dropbox Business Box

File and Folder Auditing
for Cloud Storage Providers

Quickly and easily identify security risks, such as inappropriate access,
and address them with FileAudit:

  • Real-time and historical audit trail of cloud file and folder access including the user, access type and date and time.
  • Alerts on access events deemed abnormal such as a file deletion for example.
  • Automated actions when an alert is triggered.
  • Centralized scheduled reports on cloud file and folder access.
  • Robust filtering capabilities to focus on relevant data.
Activity by file

See the full list of access types audited for cloud storage providers :

Cloud Access Types

Consolidated View
of your Hybrid Environment

A single, consolidated view of all file activity – both in the cloud and on-premises – will reduce the risk of security breaches and help meet compliance regulations.

Access Reporting

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