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September 15th 2020

Key indicators of compromise to prevent a breach

Let's have a look at the different indicators of compromise and which one is the easiest to observe.

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September 15th 2020

Detecting & Preventing Insider Threats To Your Company: An Overview

It’s commonly understood that the greatest risk to any organization comes from the insider threat, no matter which industry or sector you work in.

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September 9th 2020

Most compliance requirements are completely absurd

Compliance is probably one of the dullest topics in cybersecurity. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing to get excited about because most people view it as a tick-box exercise.

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September 8th 2020

How to Stop External Cyber-Attacks and Lateral Movement

External attacks represent 72% of data breaches today. It’s critical for organizations to understand how they can stop them.

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September 7th 2020

Why Should You Use Access Management For Active Directory Users?

It is very well known that Active Directory credentials can be compromised quite easily. It is therefore vital for companies to better secure those credentials in order to avoid a network breach.

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September 7th 2020

Why The Reluctance In Adopting MFA?

The sad reality is that organizations that don’t use multi-factor authentication (MFA) are open to attack when their employees share passwords or fall for phishing scams. So, how can you explain the reluctance in adopting MFA?

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September 3rd 2020

Top priority security measures for businesses

The truth is, without multi-factor authentication (MFA), businesses are open to attacks if their employees fall for phishing scams or share passwords, which happens much more than you think (yes in your organisation too).

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September 2nd 2020

Why Do SMBs Believe Their Data is Unsafe in the Cloud?

The cloud has been around for many years and has fundamentally changed the way companies do business by opening up a whole new world of employee collaboration and productivity. But SMBs are still doubtful about its security.

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July 20th 2020

Windows Logon Audit Far Beyond Native Windows Security

Windows logon auditing is an important activity for diverse security and compliance needs.

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Dark Reading

April 23rd 2020

11 Tips for Protecting Active Directory While Working from Home

To improve the security of your corporate's network, protect the remote use of AD credentials.

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SC Magazine

April 14th 2020

Covid-19 & confinement: Going from face-to-face to remote work

The current Covid-19 (Coronavirus) situation all over the world forces companies to change their operating mode from face-to-face to remote work.

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SC Magazine

November 25th 2019

MFA & what it means for companies who go without

Just 38 percent use MFA to strengthen network credentials. Why the reluctance in adopting MFA? There are common misconceptions, such as, that a company needs to be a certain size to benefit from MFA.

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Dark Reading

November 12th 2019

The Myths of Multifactor Authentication

Organizations without MFA are wide open to attack when employees fall for phishing scams or share passwords. What's holding them back?

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Infosecurity Magazine

July 2nd 2019

Why SMBs Still do not Trust Cloud Storage Providers to Secure their Data

What exactly are the specific issues SMBs have with data in the cloud?

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June 19th 2019

Two thirds of SMBs believe their data is unsafe in the cloud

Two thirds (61%) of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) believe that their data is unsafe in the cloud, with almost a third (29%) saying that they have suffered a breach since moving to the cloud for storage.

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Healthcare Executive Network

May 22nd 2019

Going beyond security awareness training for healthcare professionals

IT professionals are fighting to secure information, appropriate access and confidentiality. But creating a culture of safe IT practices is not going to be enough.

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Business Computing World

May 17th 2019

63% of SMBs believe cloud storage providers should do more to protect their data

Since moving to the cloud for storage, 29% of SMBs have suffered a breach of files or folders.

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Professional Security

May 16th 2019

Data cloud decisions

Almost two-thirds of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) believe that more work needs to be done to protect their data in the cloud.

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April 29th 2019

How do you know you’ve been compromised?

In today’s worlds, organizations are facing the threat of compromise that is ever-present, ever-changing, and ever-gsingleing. The questions is: who and what exactly, are you fighting?

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Cyber Defense Magazine

April 28th 2019

Information security advice for small medium business

Smbs have become a lucrative target because most do not have sufficient defenses in place to protect, detect or react to attacks.

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Information Week

April 3rd 2019

Security: Why Education will Never be Enough

After more than a decade of trying to educate users, IT security professionals still aren't getting their message through.

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Health Management

March 8th 2019

Managing access to a Windows network for healthcare organizations

The importance of getting access management right cannot be overstated. You need to make sure that anybody accessing your systems – and the data within – is exactly who they say they are.

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