File Access Event Alerts
and Automated Response

Customize alerts and respond to specific file audit events; whether it’s an access denied, a file deletion, a particular user, an irregular time or a mass access event such as the copy, deletion or movement of bulk files.

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Access Alerts & Response Get alerts on a particular IP address Get alerts on a suspicious user

Real Time Alerts on Windows File Audit Events

Simple Access Events

Single Access Events

Enable a quick, or automated reaction to events such as a file deletion, an access denied, or from a specific user, machine or IP address.

Mass Access Events

Mass Access Events

By monitoring the frequency of access events performed by the same user, a threshold alert can be triggered to bulk file copying and mass file deletion or movement.

Alerts can be customized
based on specific criteria, including:

and Folder
and Group
& Object Type
Machine Name
& IP Address

See your alert history report for clear visibility and issue spotting.

File Access Alerts
for Cloud Based Storage

FileAudit can extend alerting to report on major cloud-based file storage providers - Microsoft OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Google Drive, Dropbox Business and Box.

OneDrive SharePoint Online Google Drive Dropbox Business Box

Different access events
(on-premises and cloud) include


A user tried to open a file
in ‘Read’ mode


A user tried to modify
a file or folder


A user tried to delete
a file or folder


A user renamed a file


A user tried to execute
an executable file

Write attributes

A user tried to modify a file attribute (E.g. Read only or Hidden Checkboxes)


A user tried to take ownership
of a file or folder


A user tried to change the permissions on the file or folder


A user moved a file
to another directory


A user copied a file


A user created a new file


A user shared a file
to another user

* Available only for certain Cloud Storage Providers.
Full details here

Alert on the Copy, Deletion
or Movement of Bulk Files

FileAudit monitors the frequency of an access type, to files or folders, performed by the same user. A mass access alert can therefore be triggered when a user performs a certain number of accesses that are deemed beyond the tolerated threshold for a defined period of time.

Different mass access types

Bulk File Copying

When a significant number of read accesses are performed during a short period of time, the probability is that the user has executed a copy/paste file operation.

Bulk File Deletion Or Movement

When a significant number of deletions are performed during a short period of time, the user has either deleted or moved a number of files.

The alerts indicate the user name, source, the date and time of the violation as well as the alert parameters, making it easy to further investigate within FileAudit the full access history.

Alerts On Irregular Access Time

When configuring any alert within FileAudit, administrators can also consider the day and hour of access. If considered, an alert will then only be triggered, if access is made outside of specified times. For example, outside of normal working hours.

This helps minimize the risk of inappropriate or suspicious access, whilst making sure administrators and users aren’t unnecessarily disrupted.

Automated Response
To File Access Alerts

In addition to real-time monitoring and alerts, something should happen to act on potential threats. FileAudit can take immediate action to an alert, and not have to wait for IT to intervene.

A customized script can be created and run whenever a specific alert is triggered. Shut down a machine, logoff the user. Act on potential threats before any damage is done.

FileAudit makes your Auditing
Faster, Smarter & more Efficient

  • Specify alerts for successful or unsuccessful access attempts, or both.
  • Get email alerts, and view a filterable alert history report within the FileAudit console.

FileAudit is more than just about logs and information. It protects data, across the whole organization, with real-time alerts and the opportunity to immediately react with an automated response. Secure your organization against improper access, potential theft, alteration or the deletion of sensitive files and folders.

Access Alerts & Response

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